About Us

JIV: A Hindi word (alternative spelling “jeev") is a living being , or any entity instilled with a life force. It also means to “breath” and be “alive”.


JIV Athletics was established after one of the female founders was working in a corporation where 75%-80% of the women wore spandex leggings. She worked with an athletic apparel brand where workout attire was encouraged. After some time with the company, she started to see an unflattering trend. Women in the office started talking about how embarrassed they were about their camel toe (a.k.a "Vagina Wedgie", a.k.a "a VAG-gie") They would come up with creative ways to prevent exposing themselves in front of their co-workers (especially men). The women would tie long sleeved shirts around their waists, wear longer shirts to hide their crotch, or simply pull down the crotch of their spandex. However, it wasn’t until a very important woman stood up in front of the company to give a presentation and there it was, a full-fledged camel toe! It was within that moment she decided to create camel toe proof underwear so women around the globe could feel comfortable and confident within their everyday leggings.

OUR MISSION: Giving woman the confidence and comfort they deserve within their everyday athletic wear.


All our undergarments are:

  • Breathable + wickable
  • Tagless
  • Roll free
  • Our athletic thong is camel toe proof!


To make an impact within our communities, we must start with ourselves. JIV Athletics has partnered with a non-profit called, The Real Girl Lifestyle, in which we dedicate our time and proceeds to provide a safe space for girls, teens, and young women to share their triumphs, explore their struggles, and develop REAL confidence. By giving girls the opportunity to gain real confidence within themselves, this allows them to give greatness back to our world!