About Us

Elevate your athletic experience with JIV ATHLETICS. Our carefully designed activewear and undergarments are created to enhance your comfort, performance, and confidence. From advanced moisture-wicking fabrics to cutting-edge designs, we offer a range of solutions that ensure you can focus on your workout, not discomfort.

mother-daughter duo: Nika Cleaver & Tanys Evangelisti

Our Inspirational Journey

In 2018, a mother-daughter duo recognized a common problem faced by women in the world of athletics and activewear: the discomfort caused by camel toe and constant underwear tugging during workouts. Determined to find a solution, they founded JIV ATHLETICS, a brand that aimed to revolutionize the athletic undergarment industry. 



What was once operated from their homes is now headquartered on the picturesque coast of Del Mar, California, the brand's location has inspired its athletic soul and brand lifestyle. With spandex becoming a daily wardrobe staple, JIV ATHLETICS quickly gained a loyal following. 

Pictured: Tommy Cleaver, Nika Cleaver, Tanys Evangelisti, & Tom Evangelisti

Innovating with Support

Today, the company's success has soared to new heights and the company is now co-owned by their supportive husbands. Together, they continue to innovate and provide women with high-performance, comfortable, and confidence-boosting garments, solidifying JIV ATHLETICS' place as a leading force within the undergarment market.

Leo, office dog – a.k.a The Boss

Innovating with Support

If you’re ever in Del Mar, make sure to pop into the JIV HQ and say hello to Leo. He brings a dynamic and spirited presence that keeps the team on their toes. From leading impromptu play sessions to confidently patrolling the office, he certainly acts like the boss, commanding admiration, and adoration from all who have the pleasure of working with him.